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"As a home inspector, my goal is to provide people with information about a property's condition so they can make more informed decisions."

Kelsey has been inspecting, renovating and managing properties for nearly a decade. She was the Quality Control/ Facilities Maintenance Manager for a 3,000 unit property maintenance company, overseeing 30+ maintenance personnel and projects, ranging from replacing sewer lines to remodeling 250 bathrooms.

Originally from Australia, Kelsey has been living in the U.S. for over 20 years and resides in beautiful Santa Barbara. She holds a Master of Business degree.

When not wearing a tool belt and scrambling under houses or climbing on to roofs, Kelsey is a keen backpacker and a volunteer Girl Scout Leader.

Connect with Kelsey via her Linkedin profile or read her home maintenance/inspection blog.

Kelsey Bray, Home Inspector

Owner, CA Pro Home Inspections